Magical actions

All magic-related actions (in meatspace or the astral)


  • Activate focus (Simple)

  • Shift perception (Simple)

  • Astral projection (Complex)

  • Summon spirit (Complex)

  • Call bound spirit (Simple)

  • Command spirit (Simple)

  • Banish spirit (Complex)

  • Dismiss spirit (Simple)

  • Reckless spellcasting (Simple)

  • Cast spell (Complex)


Remove Reckless Spellcasting (the ability to cast a spell for a Simple action at +3 drain.)

Spell defence now requires a Simple action to declare, which must be a deferred action from the mage’s last phase. However, it protects up to (Magic Rating) targets, all of whom get the mage’s full Counterspelling skill to add to their spell defence dice. This can be done as many times as the mage has actions.