Physical actions

Actions done in meatspace


  • Speak/text/transmit phrase (Free)
  • Observe in detail (Simple)
  • Use skill (Complex)


Characters move at different rates, measured in the number of metres they travel during their phase.

  • Crawling (no action used) - prone characters can crawl up to 2 metres.
  • Walking (no action used) - all characters can walk up to 5 metres1 in their phase without using any actions or taking any penalties.
  • Running (Free) - characters can quicken their pace to a run by spending a Free action. This lets them move 10+(Agi×2) metres. They will take a -2 penalty to almost all actions they do during the phase, though. (However, note it becomes a +2 bonus to melee combat; this is the ‘charging in’ modifier.)
  • Sprinting (Complex) - characters may travel even faster by spending a Complex action to make a sprinting test (Running + Strength [Physical]). For every hit on this test, most metatypes can travel a further 2 metres than their running distance. Dwarves can only travel 1 metre further per hit, however. They will continue to take a -2 penalty, as for running.

Take cover (Simple)

Assuming there is some nearby suitable object, this grants the in cover bonus (+2 or +4 to defence rolls) until the character moves again. Note they might get flanked, though.

Drop prone (Free) / Stand up (Simple)

Drop to the ground or get back up again2.


  • Drop object (Free)
  • Pick up / put down object (Simple)
  • Use simple device - includes pressing buttons, turning something on or off, ejecting a weapon clip, changing a weapon’s fire mode, etc.
    • with DNI (Free)
    • without DNI (Simple)


  • Ready weapon 3
    • Pistol w/ slide or quick draw holster (Free)
    • Handgun (up to SMG) or short melee/thrown weapon (Simple)
    • Long gun, sword, bow, etc (Complex)
  • Insert clip (Simple)
  • Reload non-clip weapon (special)
  • Call a shot (Free)
  • Take Aim (special) (TODO)
  • Attack (Complex) (see below)
  • Declare split multiple attack (Free)
  • Carnival of Carnage (special) (see below)


You can do as many attacks, during your turn, as you have actions to spend; the only exception is for single-shot (SS) weapons, which can only be used to attack once per turn4.

  • Complex action:
    • Fire Weapon (SS) (only once per turn)
    • Fire Bow
    • Fire Weapon (SA, BF, FA)
    • Throw Weapon
    • Melee Attack
  • Complex + Free action:
    • Multi-attack (split dice pool - as per 5e CRB)
  • Complex + variable number of Simple actions:
    • Carnival of Carnage multi-attack (full dice pool; see below)5

Recoil is no longer tracked across turns, but it does apply (in total) across all the attacks done within a single phase.

Carnival of Carnage

If the attacker has either:

  1. a ranged weapon and
  2. extra physical/meatspace actions and
  3. a smartlink with a DNI connection to a smartgun


  1. a melee weapon and
  2. multiple targets within movement range

…then they can use a new type of multiple attack, Carnival of Carnage.

To use CoC:

  • It requires one Complex action, plus one Simple action for each additional target in addition to the first.
  • Calculate recoil according to the total number of bullets fired and apply it to each roll.
    • Eg. if using one Complex and two Simple actions to shoot three people with a burst-fire gun, it’s 9 bullets.
  • Roll your full dice pool (plus modifiers) against each target.
    • (For simplicity’s sake, unless the modifiers are different, just roll once and use the same number of hits against each target.)
  • Resolve damage against each target as usual.

Note that you cannot use Carnival of Carnage to attack one target multiple times.

  1. This is deliberately a fair bit less than RAW for many characters. My table plays theatre-of-the-mind and we hardly ever have accurate grids during combat. So I wanted there to be a clearer difference between ‘walking’ and ‘running’ rates. ↩︎

  2. I have removed the requirement to pass a test to stand up if the character is wounded. ↩︎

  3. This is changed from RAW; I have removed the Quick Draw action and instead made quick draw holsters a Free action. Larger weapons become a Complex action rather than a Simple to ready up. ↩︎

  4. Although you can dual-wield them and attack once per turn per weapon, if you wish. ↩︎

  5. Shoutout to the rad action movie RPG Feng Shui, from whence I stole this name. ↩︎