Combat modifiers

An attempt at streamlining this ungainly beast

These rules are not yet canon for my campaign.


Factors effecting: visibility (rain/fog/smoke), light level (darkness/glare), wind

  • If there’s enough of the factor to affect you: take -4
  • If you compensate for the factor via gear: take -2
    • eg. it’s dark and you have low-light goggles/glasses
  • If you compensate for the factor via innate traits, cyberware, or magic: no penalty
    • eg. it’s dark and you’re a dwarf with thermographic vision

Penalties stack across categories eg. if it’s dark and there’s fog it’s -8. Compensation does not stack within a category eg. if you have low-light cybereyes plus thermal vision goggles, you take -2.


Define weapon rages as:

  1. Hand - within arm’s length
  2. Close - a few steps; in the same room
  3. Near - a few dozen metres; within the same street
  4. Far - maybe a hundred metres; a large field
  5. Extreme - further

Take penalties as follows:

Pistol, Taser00-4nono
Sniper rifle-4-20-2-4
Machine gun, Assault cannon-4-20-4-6
Bow, crossbow-40-2nono
Grenade launcherno00-4no
Rocket launchernono0-2no
Missile launchernono0-2-2


Ranged combat attacker

  • Running: -2
  • In melee combat: -4 (handgun) or -8 (long gun)
  • Using off-hand weapon: -2
  • Called shot: -4 (or more)
  • Firing from moving vehicle: -2
  • Firing from full cover with imaging: -4
  • Aim: +1 per whole combat turn spent aiming, max of Willpower
  • Smartgun: +2

Melee combat attacker

  • Charging in: +2
  • Attacker prone: -2
  • Higher ground: +2
  • Off-hand weapon: -2
  • Called shot: -4 (or more)
  • Touch-only attack: +4


  • Partial cover: +2
  • Good cover: +4
  • Running: +2
  • Prone: -2
  • Unable to move freely (eg strapped into vehicle): -4