Firearms accessories

Gun modifications and accessories

Firearms accessories


  • Concealable Holster: -2 to weapon concealability. Only for pistols/tasers. Weapon takes a Complex action to draw.
  • Arm slide: Only for holdout/light/taser pistols. No change to concealability. Weapon takes a Free action to draw.
  • Quick draw holster: +1 to weapon concealability. Only for pistols/tasers. Weapon takes a Free action to draw.
  • Standard holster: suitable for any handgun (up to SMGs). Weapon takes a Simple action to draw.

Long guns:

  • Strap: lets you wear a gun on your shoulder. Weapon takes a Complex action to ready. It might be (just about) concealable, if you’re wearing bulky clothing.
  • Tactical sing: suitable for any long gun. Holds weapon around your chest. Weapon takes a Simple action to ready, but it cannot be hidden.

Accuracy modifications:

  • Imaging scope: can hold up to Capacity 3 of image enhancements.
    • Low-light vision, flare compensation, thermographic vision, image magnification - halve the penalties to shooting from darkness, glare, or range.
  • Laser sight - increases weapon accuracy by 1. Not cumulative with smartguns.
  • Smartgun - see below.

Recoil compensation (RC) mods:

  • Bipod: 2 points of RC. Requires 1 Simple Action to set it up and get into a firing position, which must be repeated each time the firer moves.
  • Shock pad: 1 points of RC. Only usable on weapons with stocks.
  • Gas-vent system: 2 points of RC.
  • Gyro mount: 6 points of RC.

Other mods:

  • Suppressor: -1 DV to weapon, -4 dice pool to anyone attempting to notice the shot or locate the firer. Complex Action to attach or remove.
    • DNI: By electronically moving the suppressing baffles, firer can choose whether to use the suppressor or not on each individual shot, without having to attach/remove it.
  • Airbust link: reduces scatter of launched greande by 2m/hit instead of 1m/hit. Does not function without DNI.


All guns are one of three kinds:

  • Unwired / throwback - no electronics at all
  • Standard - limited onboard electronics
  • Smartguns - fully integrated electronics with motorised components

Standard guns

Standard guns, when connected to the user via DNI or cabled directly to goggles or glasses, can use augmented reality to communicate with the user:

  • Display an ARO with current ammo count and selected fire mode
  • Pop-up alert AROs to remind the user of the gun’s maintenance schedule or warn of jams
  • ARO-enhanced holographic sights

Hacking standard guns has limited effect; it can change or disable the AROs but that’s about it.


Smartguns have a full suite of internal sensors and motorised components, including a rangefinder using time-of-flight radar and a tiny gun camera.

With DNI to a smartgun, any user gains the following benefits:

  • +2 to weapon accuracy due to trajectory computation enhancing the targeting AROs.
  • Can use mental commands to change fire modes or eject the clip as Free Actions.
  • Can use a mental command to fire, bypassing the physical trigger (although it typically remains on the gun as a back-up)
  • The weapon gains optional Friend-or-Foe detection that works across everyone in the same PAN or WAN and can lock out the fire feature when there is a chance of friendly fire. (Shadowrunners usually disable this, and sneer at people who use it.)
  • The same status AROs as normal guns, plus further things like barrel temperature and weapon material stress.

However, to really unlock the full potential, the user has to have DNI and also get the smartlink cyberware. With DNI to a smartgun (wired or wireless), a user with a smartlink gains:

  • Everything in the above list.
  • +2 dice to all attacks with the gun.
  • Integration of the gun camera into their AR setup, meaning the can blind fire (eg around corners or from full cover) at -4 dice pool.
  • The ability to use a powerful multi-target attack action.