My v1.0 Matrix houserules are based on a backport of most of the new ideas from Shadowrun 6e to 5e, while maintaining as much of the original system as possible. These are (hopefully) going to be replaced by the other Matrix rules presented here. These rules are also canonical for my currently campaign. For now, you can read my backport rules here.

The rest of this section represents an early draft of my v2.0 houserules, which further builds on the backport to streamline some areas.

Access, getting it, and protecting against hacking

Common Matrix actions & how to do them

Short examples of common tasks for criminals


Decks, programs, agents

Hosts & devices

Hosts, common devices, and IC

Introduction to my Matrix houserules

Discussing what I am trying to achieve here

Matrix actions

A streamlined set of Matrix actions

Matrix basics

Matrix attributes, types of devices, commlinks

Matrix damage and how to fix it

Various kinds of Matrix damage, link-locking, biofeedback, etc

Overwatch, GOD & convergence

All about the Grid’s po-po

Spotting icons & hiding on the Matrix

How to find things, and avoid being found