Matrix damage and how to fix it

Various kinds of Matrix damage, link-locking, biofeedback, etc

Matrix damage

  • Each device has 8+(Device Rating / 2) boxes of Matrix damage track.
  • Matrix damage is resisted with Device Rating + Firewall.
  • Tests using the device take a -1 penalty per 3 boxes of incurred Matrix damage.
  • If the Matrix damage track fills, the device is bricked, and is non-operable until repaired.

Repairing Matrix damage

  • Base time of 60 minutes
  • Hardware + Logic [Mental] test
  • Split hits between reducing time and doing repair
    • Divide base time by number of hits spend to reduce time
    • Repair number of boxes of Matrix damage equal to hits spent doing repair


  • In AR via goggles/glasses/image link: no effect
  • Stun damage if in AR with DNI or cold-sim VR
  • Physical damage if in hot-sim VR
  • Resisted with Willpower + Firewall


  • In AR via goggles/glasses/image link: no effect
  • If in AR with DNI or in cold-sim VR: 6S
  • If in hot-sim VR: 6P
  • Resisted with Willpower+Firewall
    • If the deck just got bricked, Firewall will be 0
  • -2 dice on all actions for next (10-Willpower) minutes
  • Can affect any user in AR with DNI, cold-sim VR, or hot-sim VR
  • While locked, cannot use Switch Interface, Enter/Exit Host, or Reboot
  • Can take Jack Out action but with an opposed test
    • Hardware + Willpower [Firewall] vs Logic + Attack
    • Will take dumpshock if succeed