Common Matrix actions & how to do them

Short examples of common tasks for criminals
  • Spy on phone calls: run Snoop while you have spotted one or more personas on the call. Once you run Snoop, you automatically spot all personas on the call, regardless of where they are.
  • Trace phone calls even if you haven’t spotted the icon on the other end of the call:
    1. have Admin access on one of the devices on the call or place the call from one of your own devices or have successfully Snooped the call
    2. Probe or Brute Force the device at the other end to get Admin access to it
    3. Trace Icon (no test required)
  • Mess with people’s cyberware or weapons: Spoof/Send Command doesn’t work against cyberware, as the user’s neural commands override any commands send from the Matrix. See instead the options under Matrix Attacks.
  • Disable security cameras if they are wirelessly connected:
    • With Outsider access: Spoof Command
    • With User access: Send Command to loop them
    • With Admin access: Send Command to shut them down
  • Bypass a host’s firewall via a device that is hardwired to the host:
    • Find the port on the device (might be armoured/hidden and require a Hardware roll to open it up)
    • Roll Hacking against the device’s own rating, with no Firewall from the Host
    • Any access levels you get from this test are applied to the entire Host WAN
  • Spot icons inside a host: By default, most personas connected to a secure Host (eg for work) will run silent, so drop off the public grid. Run Matrix Perception test as usual to spot them and initiate a hack.