Sprawlrunners houserules

Sprawlrunners is a cyberpunk-with-magic setting-agnostic ruleset for Savage Worlds.

After a few years of battling the Shadowrun rules, my table eventually threw in the towel and ported our in-progress campaign to Sprawlrunners. So far, we’ve been really happy with this decision.

Savage Worlds for Shadowrun players

A brief overview of the Savage Worlds RPG system

Goals and notes

Why I wrote these rules


Everything about characters, generation, stats, and abilities


Adding ‘Universal Magic Theory’ to Sprawlrunners

Downtime, advancement, and wealth

Everything about how characters advance, the things they do between missions, and the use of the Wealth die


The Matrix

Riggers / Jockeys

Setting Rules


Dice probabilities reference

The chances of beating certain target numbers in Savage Worlds