Sprawlrunners houserules

Sprawlrunners is a cyberpunk-with-magic setting-agnostic ruleset for Savage Worlds.

After a few years of battling the Shadowrun rules, my table eventually threw in the towel and ported our in-progress campaign to Sprawlrunners. So far, we’ve been really happy with this decision.

This section documents our use of the generic Sprawlrunners toolkit to create a Shadowrun-esque game. They contain various setting expansions, clarifications, houserules, and so forth that my table uses in our campaign. The end result is broadly compatible with the Shadowrun setting but contain numerous simplifications compared to the Shadowrun rules - by design.


What this is, and why I did it

Savage Worlds for Shadowrun players

A brief overview of the Savage Worlds RPG system

Goals and notes

Why I wrote these rules


Everything about characters, generation, stats, and abilities


Quick notes on how to generate characters for Sprawlrunners


Houserules for metahuman races

Skills for my campaign


Houserules for spoken languages in the Sprawl


New and improved edges


Gotta get chromed, chummer

Physical adepts

Houserules for using physical adepts in my game

Physical Adept draft rules ideas

First draft of core rules

Downtime, advancement, and wealth

Everything about how characters advance, the things they do between missions, and the use of the Wealth die

Advancement and rewards

Character improvement and other goodies

Using the Wealth Die in Sprawlrunners

Handling money for incidental purchases without having to keep track of a bank balance

Downtime Actions

Things to do between crime sprees


Adding ‘Universal Magic Theory’ to Sprawlrunners

Using Powers

My take on No-Power-Points spell casting in SWADE


Game mechanic for summoning

Summoner types

How different magical traditions approach spirit summoning

Arcane backgrounds

Different types of Awakened characters

Creating spirits

Rules for creating stats for spirits


Houserules and clarifications for specific powers

Astral space, perception, and projection

The astral plane; how to go there and what to do

The Matrix

Types of Matrix devices and their stats

Stats for devices, stuff that matters

Matrix Actions

All kinds of things deckers can do

Sleaze hacking on the wireless Matrix

What to hack and how to hack it

Cybercombat hacking

Disregard stealth; brick devices instead

Combat decking

How the decker can help in combat


How the authorities catch deckers

Additional rules

Extra bits and pieces

Furious Hacking in our Sprawlrunners

Draft proposal for integrating ManuFS’s Furious Hacking rules into our game

Riggers / Jockeys


What it does and how it works

Drone decks

draft! draft! draft!

Vehicle mods

New rules for riggers to customise their ride

Hacking vehicles and drones

Deckers vs riggers

Setting Rules


An alternative to the Running die

Influencing the Story

Houserules for using Bennies during a mission

The Heat Die

Game mechanics for when you’re being hunted


People you know, and what they can do for you


Firearms and the Matrix

How modern firearms interact with the Matrix


Gadgets and gizmos


Some sample weapons drawn from Shadowrun, statted for Sprawlrunners

SINs and licences

A brief overview of fake IDs in the Sixth World

Dice probabilities reference

The chances of beating certain target numbers in Savage Worlds

Sprawlrunners archived rules

Rules I’ve removed from my Savage Worlds campaign

Furious Magic x Sprawlrunners x MagusRogue

Using the rules from Furious Magic in Sprawlrunners

Reckless casting

In a rush? Prepared to take a risk? Here you go!

Trappings & modifiers

Options for combat spells