Savage Worlds already has a game mechanic that is very similar to cyberware augmentation, in the form of Edges. Unlike cyberware, however, these are available to any character. This (IMO) goes against the grain of cyberpunk a little - I value the genre trope where the only way to survive involves desperate self-sacrifice, by literally having bits of yourself chopped off.

Sprawlrunners extends the core Savage Worlds edge system to offer an additional catalog of cyberware at different power levels. This is designed to be complementary to core Savage Worlds edges, not to replace them. It does this via a series of edges that give you implant points. These implant points can be spent on items of cyberware chosen from the catalog. This approach is a little unusual, but it keeps the game very close to core Savage Worlds, which is good for game balance.

As a houserule, I will be enforcing that a number of Edges can only be taken with a trapping that they are an augmentation – either a piece of bioware or a physical adept power. This means they are out of the reach of mundane or mage characters. It also, effectively, extends the cyberware catalog. Edges where such a trapping is required are listed in the characters section.

Edges taken with a bioware trapping do not cost implant points, and those taken with a physad power trapping do not cost chi points. They are paid for as an Edge, as usual. Also, their prerequisites – on rank, on abilitie die types, or on other edges - do not change.


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