Metahumans v2.0

Adrenaline Pump

Requires: Novice, Agility d8+
Bioware trapping for the Quick edge (see SWADE pg 43.)

The owner’s adrenal glands are buffered by an implanted reservoir. In times of high stress, this reservoir pumps out, flooding their nervous system with adrenaline and super-charging their reflexes.

When dealt an action card of 5 or lower, you can discard it and draw again; you can repeat until you get a 6 or higher. If combined with Wired Reflexes or Move-by-Wire, you first draw the additional card(s) and pick which one to keep. Then, if it’s 5 or below, you draw again.

Bone Density

Requires: Novice, Strength d8+, Vigor d8+

Improved Bone Density

Requires: Seasoned, Bone Density
Bioware trapping for the Brawler / Bruiser edges (see SWADE pg 41.)

A combination of genetic modifications and implanted engineered glands alters the subject’s bone tissue, making it much harder and more dense.

The subject hits harder and breaks harder. With Bone Density, they take +1 to Toughness, and their unarmed damage becomes Str+d4. With Improved Bone Density, they take a further +1 to Toughness, and the unarmed damage bonus changes from d4 to d6.

Overclocked Platelets

Requires: Novice, Spirt d8+

Hyperactive Platelets

Requires: Veteran, Overclocked Platelets
Bioware trapping for the Hard To Kill / Harder To Kill edges (see SWADE pg 42.)

Grafted platelet factories are added to the user’s blood system along major blood vessels. This greatly increases the body’s immediate response to trauma of all kinds.

With Overclocked Platelets, the subject may ignore Wound penalities when making Vigor checks to avoid Bleeding Out. With Hyperactive Platelets, even if the subject fails the check, there’s still a 50/50 change they only end up Incapacitated.

Pain Dampening

Requires: Novice, Vigor d8+

Improved Pain Dampening

Requires: Novice, Pain Dampening
Bioware trapping for the Nerves of Steel / Improved Nerves of Steel edges (see SWADE pg 43.)

Drug glands implanted along major blood vessels respond to excessive trauma by releasing powerful opioid and NSAID analogs. The body’s pain response is significantly numbed.

The character may ignore 1 level or 2 levels of Wound penalties.

Synaptic Boosters

Requires: Seasoned, Smarts d8+

Improved Synaptic Boosters

Requires: Seasoned, Synaptic Boosters
Bioware trapping for the Level Headed / Improved Level Headed edges (see SWADE pg 43.)

Genetic modifications combined with implanted bundles of grey matter tissue at strategic points around the limbs and spinal cord increase neural processing power, leading to faster reflex times.

A character with Synaptic Boosters draws two action cards in combat, and chooses which to keep. A character with Improved Synaptic Boosters draws three and chooses one to keep.