Gotta get chromed, chummer


In general, as long as the storyline allows time for characters to go through the necessary surgery, characters may choose to have old cyberware systems removed or upgraded when acquiring new cyberware.



Clarification that all cybereyes provide, by default, approximately 20/10 vision, or around twice as good as a normal person today.


Artificial muscle replacement / Muscle enhancement

(See Sprawlrunners pg 54) To clarify: These augments boost the entire body. If the user has cyberlimbs, the base stat of the cyberlimb always matches the rest of the body.


Only available as part of a cyberarm; see below.

Hand Razors

Implant points: 1 (reduced from RAW)

These do not count as natural weapons, and therefore their damage does not stack with Edges like Martial Arts / Brawler / etc. They can be fitted to a cyberlimb, but they do not require one.

Implant points: 1
Required: cybereryes

No changes to Sprawlrunners RAW; cancels 2 points of penalties when making a Shooting roll with a smartgun.

Vehicle Control Rig

Implant points: 1

Gain the ability to Jump In to a vehicle or drone, either wired or wirelessly. When doing so, gain +2 bonus to rolls when trying to interrupt opponents.

Improved Vehicle Control Rig

Implant points: 3
Cyberware trapping for the Ace edge (SWADE pg 47)

In addition to the benefits of the VCR, above, the user can now ignore 2 points of penalties to any Boating, Driving, or Piloting roll. The rigger may also spend Bennies to soak damage for any vehicle or drone they are jumped into, using the appropriate Boating/Piloting/Driving skill instead of Vigor. Each success and raise negates a Wound the vehicle would have taken.


To unlock any of the below upgrades and add-ons, you first need to replace the limb:

Cyberarm or cyberleg

Implant points: 0.5 (each)
Required: Novice, Chromed

+1 Toughness per pair of limbs.

Natural-looking disguised cyberlimbs use the same rules as Sprawlrunners RAW (see pg 55.) In addition, they can only fit TBD implant points of mods before they’re just too bulky to look realistic.

Limb replacements are usually fitted to the shoulder or hip joint, replacing the whole limb. Partial limbs can be taken (eg starting mid-bicep or at the elbow) with no change to game rules.

Cyberarms can be fitted singly. Cyberlegs can be fitted singly if you want a straight replacement, but if you want to fit any additional modifications, you need a pair. It’s really difficult to balance a natural leg and a amped-up cyber one for comfortable walking and running.

Cyberskull & cybertorso

Implant points: 2
Required: Seasoned, Chromed

  • +1 Toughness
  • Immune to the damage bonus from called shots.

Taken as a package deal, the cybertorso and skull provide extensive and invasive protection for the user’s internal organs and brain. They are not full replacements, like a cyberlimb is, but they provide substantial shells that replace or reinforce bone mass and exterior tissue, as well as providing armoured internal partitions within the torso and abdomen that help keep damage localised.

Cybertorsos can be upgraded with boosted Strength, just like a cyberlimb. This increases the user’s core strength, and can help the boosted strength attribute apply in more circumstances, like lifting things over their head. Cybertorsos also act as stronger anchor points for cyberlimbs than a fleshy torso can, helping to apply the strength bonus in a wider number of circumstances.

Cyberskulls are always (extremely) obvious, as are torsos if you’re not covering them with clothes.

Cyberlimb boosted Strength/Agility

Implant points: 1

Adds 1 die type to the stat for tests when only the limb with the boosted stat is being used. For example, boosted strength applies to calculating melee damage when the limb is being used to attack with, but not to a test to lift something heavy over your head, as that requires whole-body strength.

This boost has no effect on skill dice increase costs. Example: Alice has Agility d8 and Shooting d8, then gets a boosted Agility cyberlimb. It would still cost her 2 skill points to take Shooting to d10.

If the user has artificial muscle replacement or muscle enhancement, this increase applies on top of that. Example: Alice has Strength d6. She takes Artificial Muscle Replacement and then adds Boosted Strength to her cyberarm. Her cyberarm now has d10 Strength.


Implant points: 2 (reduced from RAW)

Str+d6 damage in melee combat. Owner always counts as Armed, so never suffers the Unarmed Defender penalty (which grants melee attackers +2 to Fighting rolls if their target has nothing to parry with.)

This counts as a Natural Weapon, and hence the damage increases with use of Edges like Martial Arts and Brawler.


Implant points: 3?

TBD; probably pick from light pistol w/ autofire, heavy pistol, or flechette pistol.

Recoil compensation system

(Cyberarm only, requires smartlink & smartgun)
Implant points: 1 or 2

A feedback circuit from the user’s smartgun to their cyberlimb or limbs automatically counteracts recoil and barrel climb in real-time as they fire.

Reduces the recoil penalty by 1 (for one Implant Point) or 2 (for two Implant Points.)

For one-handed weapons, this will work with only one cyberarm. For two-handed guns, two cyberarms are required.

Boosted speed

(Cyberlegs only)
Implant points: 1

Increases Pace by +2 and running die by one type.

Hydraulic jacks

(Cyberlegs only)
Implant points: 1

Character can jump twice as far as usual. In addition, they add +4 to damage when leaping as part of a Wild Attack, rather than the usual +2. Can only be used if there’s enough room (vertically and horizontally) for the jump, however.

Grapple hand

Implant points: 0.5
Required: Novice, Chromed

An extendable, fireable grapple system, using a small spool of lightweight polymer rope hidden inside the wrist and the hand itself as the launched projectile. The launching system is pneumatic; recharging the compressed air takes one minute after each shot.

The rope is a maximum of 15 m long, although it can be very difficult to aim at that range. Grip strength is boosted on the hand so it can grab onto things securely. The overall system is strong enough to swiftly pull the user up, although not to carry much extra load. Carrying another human/elf/dwarf is possible, but slows the winch speed down to snail’s pace. Anyone as heavy as an orc or heavier will overload it.

Make an Athletics roll to attempt to fire and attach the grapple successfully.