Things to do between crime sprees

Every 10k¥ you earn from a run buys you enough time off afterward to complete one of the below Downtime Actions.

Rest & recuperation

If you took any Wounds in the last run (even if they were treated with first aid), you need to recover from those injuries. This takes one action and clears all lingering damage to your body and your gear/cyberware/etc.

Lie low

If you attracted an unusually breathtaking amount of attention on the last run, and the wrong people know it was you, you might need to skip town for a while until the heat dies down. This takes one of your actions. Be less obvious next time!

I’ll let you know if Lie Low is required.


Spend 10 points of karma to advance, as per usual SWADE rules.


You spend time honing your skills. Take a free point of karma.

Hang out

You spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest. Write a scene telling us what you do together, and take a free point of karma for your trouble!


You spend time working your contacts, buttering them up, making sure the next time you come calling they’ll have the good stuff ready for you.

Roll a standard Negotiation test. If you succeed, take +2 bonus LP on the next mission. For each raise, take a further +1LP.

You can only do Network once in a given downtime.

Side hustle

Shadowrunner’s skill sets can be used for more mundane activities than the epic, daring heists we play out at the table. Riggers can do courier work; streetsams can work as bodyguards; mages can provide protection services; deckers can skim low-security systems for paydata.

If your character spends their downtime on a side hustle, they can earn a little extra cash in their pocket. Take a one-off bonus to their wealth die type for the next mission.

You can only do Side Hustle once in a given downtime.

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