New and improved edges

Edges with required augmentation trapping

In my houserules, certain standard SWADE edges are modified to require an “augmentation” trapping. This means they are only available as either specialised cyberware or a physical adept magical ability. These Edges are all listed below and annotated with the icon.

NB: for avoidance of doubt: only characters with the Adept arcane background can use the Adept trapping. Mages who take edges with the Bioware trapping suffer the same -1 penalty to magic rolls as if they’d taken one of the Cyberware edges.

The above doesn’t effect Implant Point based cyberware, which follows standard Sprawlrunners rules; ie. you take Cyberware edges that grant implant points (see below), then spend those implant points on specific cyberware that grant you buffs and abilities (see Cyberware).

TODO: Add physical adept trappings to the below.

Edges from other books

A reminder to my players that any Edge from any of our Savage Worlds supplements is a candidate to include in the game. Just ask.

New and amended Edges

Background Edges


Cyberware trapping: Adrenaline Pump. The owner’s adrenal glands are buffered by an implanted reservoir. In times of high stress, this reservoir pumps out, flooding their nervous system with adrenaline and super-charging their reflexes.

Cyberware Edges

These are edges that give a character implant points, that they can (in turn) spend on getting cyberware.


Per Sprawlrunners RAW, the Implanted edge doesn’t cost an Edge point, and once you take it, you can have any amount of zero-implant-point cyberware. This might seem slightly counter-intuitive, but that’s because it only exists to track the effect of these implants on magic users.

As such it is functionally equivalent to a rule that says “Anybody can take any amount of 0-cost implants they like. However, mages or shamans with any number of 0-point implants take a -1 penalty to all magic rolls, which stacks with any penalties from the Chromed edges.”

If you character is not a mage of any kind, you can skip the Implanted edge entirely, as it has no effect on you. If your character is a mage, and you do want to take some zero-implant-point cyberware, that’s the only time you need to take it.


Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Vigor d6+

Same as Sprawlrunners RAW (pg 15).

Man and Machine

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+ or Vigor d8+, Chromed

Same as Sprawlrunners RAW (pg 15).


Requirements: Veteran, Man and Machine

The character has gained regular access to a betaware clinic, which can offer a higher grade of cyberware, more closely tailored to the user’s system. They get 2 more implant points.

More Machine than Man

Requirements: Heroic, Betaware

Same as Sprawlrunners RAW (pg 16) but you can only take this Edge once.


Requirements: Legendary, Betaware

The character has gained access to a top secret black lab that offers the most cutting edge cyberware in existence. They get 2 more implant points.

Combat edges

Brawler / Bruiser

Cyberware trapping: Bone Density. A combination of genetic modifications and implanted engineered glands alters the subject’s bone tissue, making it much harder and more dense.

Hard to Kill / Harder to Kill

Cyberware trapping: Overclocked Platelets. Grafted platelet factories are added to the user’s blood system along major blood vessels. This greatly increases the body’s immediate response to trauma of all kinds.

Level Headed / Improved Level Headed

Cyberware trapping: Wired Reflexes. Subdermal conduits augment or outright replace major nerve trunks with faster-acting pathways, boosting reflex response times and speed of movement.

Rock and Roll!

Replaced by Recoil Compensation System for cyberarms.

Nerves of Steel / Improved Nerves of Steel

Cyberware trapping: Pain Editor. Cybernetic co-processors installed along the spinal column mute pain signals. Drug glands implanted along major blood vessels respond to excessive trauma by releasing powerful opioid and NSAID analogs. The body’s pain response is significantly numbed.

Professional Edges

Aggressive Driver

Requirements: Novice, Driving d8+, Vehicle Control Rig

Using their VCR-enhanced link to their ride, the character is particularly skilled at vehicular battering rams. In a Chase scene, the character can perform Force and Ram manoeuvres against vehicles one card away, rather than on the same card. Outside of a Chase scene, the character gets a free re-roll on Driving or Boating rolls when attempting these tasks.

Escape Artist

Requirements: Novice, Athletics d6+, Thievery d8+

+2 to on Thievery rolls to escape handcuffs or other restraints (including straightjackets.) +2 to Athletics to squeeze through small spaces.

Demolition Man

Requirements: Novice, Repair d8+, Science d6+

+2 to Repair rolls to set, disarm, or manufacture explosives. +1 to Notice to spot hidden explosives.

Each Raise on the Repair roll allows the character to select one of the following bonuses:

POTENCY: +d6 damage BREACH: 2 AP AREA: increase by one step, Personal -> SBT -> MBT -> LBT.

Getaway Driver

Requirements: Novice, Driving d8+, Vehicle Control Rig

Using their VCR-enhanced link to their ride, the character is particularly skilled at using the environment to foil pursuit - sharp turns at high speed, manoeuvres through narrow alleys to break line of sight, knowing where to hide the car to lose a tail.

In a Chase scene, the character can attempt a Flee manoeuvre one card earlier than usual. Outside of a Chase scene, the character gets a free re-roll on Driving or Boating rolls when attempting these tasks.

Mod Shop

Requirements: Novice, Repair d6+

Character gains a pool of 3 Mod Points.

Mod Points are used to represent access to tools and parts. They are spent similarly to Logistic Points, and can be used to upgrade vehicles before the mission, or even during it if the opportunity presents itself. See vehicle mods for how to use Mod Points.

Improved Mod Shop

Requirements: Seasoned, Repair d8+, Mod Shop

Character gains a further 4 Mod Points, in addition to the 3 granted for Mod Shop.

Mod God

Requirements: Veteran, Repair d8+, Improved Mod Shop

Character gains a further 5 Mod Points. This Edge can be taken a second time at Legendary rank.

Social Edges

Friends in Low Places

Requirements: Seasoned, Streewise?, Persuasion d8+

The character has a wide range of carefully cultivated assets. Once per session, the character may call in a favour without spending a Bennie. Once the favour is done, the character can choose to turn the acquaintance into a Contact automatically if they choose, again, without spending a Bennie. See Contacts