New and improved edges

Magical edges

Mage characters will need to take one or two special Edges in order to become mages. These Edges, in effect, unlock a whole skill tree. See Arcane Backgrounds for more information.

Edges with required augmentation trappings

Cyberware in our campaign uses a two-track system.

Savage Worlds already has a game mechanic that is very similar to cyberware augmentation, in the form of Edges. Unlike cyberware, however, these are available to any character. This (IMO) goes against the grain of cyberpunk a little - I value the genre trope where the only way to survive involves desperate self-sacrifice, by literally having bits of yourself chopped off.

Sprawlrunners extends the core Savage Worlds edge system to offer an additional catalog of cyberware at different power levels. This is designed to be complementary to core Savage Worlds edges, not to replace them. It does this via a series of three Edges (Chromed, Man and Machine, More Machine Than Man) that give you implant points. These implant points can be spent on items of cyberware chosen from the catalog. This approach is a little unusual, but it keeps the game very close to core Savage Worlds, which is good for game balance.

As a houserule, I will be enforcing that a number of Edges can only be taken with a trapping that they are cyberware or physical adept powers. This means they are out of the reach of mundane or mage characters. It also, effectively, extends the cyberware catalog. Edges were such a trapping is required are listed below.

Edges taken with a cyberware trapping do not cost implant points, and those taken with a physad power trapping do not cost chi points. They are paid for as an Edge, as usual.

Edge pre-requisites

The edges that are only available as cyberware or physad powers will gain extra pre-requisites. These are in addition to any pre-requisites on rank, trait, or other edges.

For cyberware, before you can take an edge with the cyberware trapping, you must first also take one of the cyberware edges per the table below:

Edge levelPre-requisite edge
SeasonedMan and Machine
HeroicMore Machine Than Man

For physad powers:


Other edge pre-requisites, including those on skills or stats, remain unchanged.

New and amended Edges

Background Edges


Only available with augmentation trapping.

Cyberware Edges

These are edges that give a character implant points, that they can (in turn) spend on getting cyberware.


Per Sprawlrunners RAW, the Implanted edge doesn’t cost an Edge point, and once you take it, you can have any amount of zero-implant-point cyberware. This might seem slightly counter-intuitive, but that’s because it only exists to track the effect of these implants on magic users.

As such it is functionally equivalent to a rule that says “Anybody can take any amount of 0-cost implants they like. However, mages or shamans with any number of 0-point implants take a -1 penalty to all magic rolls, which stacks with any penalties from the Chromed edges.”

If you character is not a mage of any kind, you can skip the Implanted edge entirely, as it has no effect on you. If your character is a mage, and you do want to take some zero-implant-point cyberware, that’s the only time you need to take it.

Note that if you take Implanted on savaged.us, it’ll use up one of your perk points, as there’s no way to zero-out the cost of an Edge on there. So just skip adding it on the site, and only add it to your character sheet later if you need it.

Required: Novice, Spirit d6+, Vigor d6+

Man and Machine
Required: Seasoned, Spirit d8+ or Vigor d8+, Chromed

Same as Sprawlrunners RAW (pg 15).

Required: Veteran, Man and Machine

The character has gained regular access to a betaware clinic, which can offer a higher grade of cyberware, more closely tailored to the user’s system. They get 2 more implant points.

More Machine than Man Required: Heroic, Betaware

Same as Sprawlrunners RAW (pg 16) but you can only take this Edge once.

Required: Legendary, Betaware

The character has gained access to a top secret black lab that offers the most cutting edge cyberware in existence. They get 2 more implant points.

Combat edges

Level Headed
Improved Level Headed

Only available with augmentation trapping.

Rock and Roll!

Only available with augmentation trapping. (See cyberlimbs.

Nerves of Steel
Improved Nerves of Steel

Only available with augmentation trapping.

Professional Edges

Mod Shop
Requirements: Novice, Repair d6+

Character gains a pool of 3 Mod Points.

Mod Points are used to represent access to tools and parts. They are spent similarly to Logistic Points, and can be used to upgrade vehicles before the mission, or even during it if the opportunity presents itself. See vehicle mods for how to use Mod Points.

Improved Mod Shop
Requirements: Seasoned, Repair d8+, Mod Shop

Character gains a further 4 Mod Points, in addition to the 3 granted for Mod Shop.

Mod God
Requirements: Veteran, Repair d10+, Improved Mod Shop

Character gains a further 5 Mod Points. This Edge can be taken a second time at Legendary rank.

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