Dice probabilities reference

The chances of beating certain target numbers in Savage Worlds

The core dice mechanic in Savage Worlds is simple to explain, but not always easy to reason about: roll your attribute or skill dice (a d4, d6, d8, d10, or d12), plus your Wild Dice. Each dice explodes, ie. if you roll the maximum, you re-roll, and add on; repeat as needed. Once you’ve finished exploding each dice, take the highest of the two numbers.

Below are tables of the chances of hitting at least a given target number, for each type of attribute or skill dice.

For brevity, I have omitted “unskilled” (d4-2) and dice beyond d12, as well as any rolled total above 20.

NB you can generate the above tables using anydice.com and the following script:

output [highest of [explode 1d4] and [explode 1d6]] named "d4"
output [highest of [explode 1d6] and [explode 1d6]] named "d6"
output [highest of [explode 1d8] and [explode 1d6]] named "d8"
output [highest of [explode 1d10] and [explode 1d6]] named "d10"
output [highest of [explode 1d12] and [explode 1d6]] named "d12"