Savage Worlds for Shadowrun players

A brief overview of the Savage Worlds RPG system

You need two books:

  1. Savage Worlds Adventure Edition - the core rulebook for Savage Worlds itself.
  2. Sprawlrunners - add-on rules that build on top of Savage Worlds to create an urban-fantasy-cyberpunk setting.

(For players in my campaign - our Google drive share is here. For players not in my campaign - this link is not public; sorry.)

Philosophical differences between Shadowrun and Sprawlrunners

  • Sprawlrunners is a 2050-era setting that is closely aligned with early editions of Shadowrun: no wireless hacking, no technomancers, distinct rules for mages and shamans, etc.
  • In Savaged Worlds, by default, characters start a bit less powerful than they do in Shadowrun, but progress at a significantly faster rate. You can mitigate this by using the “characters start at Seasoned rank” optional rule, and we will do so in our campaign.

A note about Trappings

Savage Worlds relies in having simple, reusable rules but making them versatile via trappings. You can create a trapping to dress up just about any ability your character has however you please. Suppose a face, a streetsam, and a physical adept all take the Level Headed edge, which gives them an advantage in initiative draws. This game mechanic could represent, respectively, an intrinsic talent for the face, a piece of augmentation for the streetsam, and a mystical ability for the physad. I encourage you to go nuts with this!