Adding ‘Universal Magic Theory’ to Sprawlrunners

These houserules contain quite significant changes from normal Sprawlrunners. The intent is to give players the flexibility to freely create their own magical traditions, beyond the existing archetypes of shaman and hermetic mage.

Note that this entire section assumes a reasonable familiarity with existing Shadowrun rules and canon for magic abilities; I won’t do a full recap of them here.

Summoning & Spirits

Rules for summoning spirits


Game mechanic for summoning

Summoner types

How different magical traditions approach spirit summoning

Creating spirits

Rules for creating stats for spirits

Furious Magic x Sprawlrunners x MagusRogue

Using the rules from Furious Magic in Sprawlrunners

Arcane backgrounds

Different types of Awakened characters

Reckless casting

In a rush? Prepared to take a risk? Here you go!


Houserules and clarifications for specific powers

Trappings & modifiers

Options for combat spells

Astral space, perception, and projection

The astral plane; how to go there and what to do

Houserules for No Power Points

My attempt at houserules for this