Creating spirits

Rules for creating stats for spirits

Players who’s characters follow magical traditions other than hermetic mage or shaman will have to create their own spirit stats as their character learns to summon new spirits. For the main, these will follow the rules in the Savage Worlds Summoner’s Circle supplement. You can freely define everything about the spirit.

Common abilities

All spirits always have the following powers and abilities. Numbers in brackets are the points value from Summoner’s Circle.

  • -4 damage to mundane ranged attacks (2): difficult to harm with physical objects alone.
  • Dual-natured (1): native to the astral plane; is always astrally perceiving at all times.
  • Elemental (5): doesn’t need to eat or breathe; immune to poison/disease; immune to called shots; ignores 1 level of Wound penalties (although this only applies if the spirit is also Resilient or Very Resilient, as otherwise, 1 Wound is sufficient to disrupt the spirit.)
  • Extraplanar (-2): can be targeted by the Banish power.
  • Fearless (2): immune to fear effects.

Net total: 8 points.

Spirits & Powers

Spirits can have the ability to use Powers (spells), with some notes and caveats:

  • It takes 2 ally build points to take the first power, then 1 further point for each additional power they have access to.
  • Any spirit that is to use Powers will need to take the Magic skill, which is paid for as normal (1 ally point per die type).
  • Spirits use Powers using the No-Power-Point rules, the same as mages do.
  • Spirits still suffer from a form of Drain when they roll a natural 1 on their Magic die, although this represents the spirit’s link to the material plane being weakened rather than drain in the traditional sense.
  • Spirits can take any Power players can, except for Summon Ally (!) and Banish. There are some additional powers below.

New Powers for spirits


Rank: Seasoned
Power points: 2
Range: Smarts×2
Duration: Sustained

Causes the target to experience mishaps, slips, and other instances of bad luck at an accelerated rate. Whenever the target rolls a natural 1 on their skill die (regardless of the value of the wild die), they experience a crit-fail or similar effect.

Must be sustained as usual (ie. the spirit takes a -1 penalty on further Magic rolls while sustaining the power.) This -1 also applies to rolls to use magical spirit abilities that roll skills like Shooting or Athletics.

Modifier: +2PP: can effect all targets inside a Medium Blast Template.