Vehicle mods

New rules for riggers to customise their ride

Per Sprawlrunners RAW, anyone can purchase an untraceable vehicle with LP; riggers get no special abilities to tune their vehicles. This aims to address that by giving riggers access to a workshop (via new edges ) that can be used to boost vehicle stats or outfit them with add-ons.

Spending Mod Points

All the below cost 1 point each. They can be applied multiples times, but each subsequent application costs +1 mod points. For example, to add +3 to a vehicle’s handling would cost (1+2+3)=6 points.

  • Increase handling - add 1 to the vehicles handling stat.
  • Increase speed - add 20% to vehicle top speed.
  • Add armour - add 1 point of armour.

You can also add vehicle accessories. Some of these don’t fit on all vehicles eg. you can’t put a medium turret on a motorbike or a medium drone rack on a single-seat commuter car.

  • 1 point - insulative armour - provides immunity to electrical attacks, eg from magic.
  • 1 point - gas sealing - ability to hermetically seal the vehicle. Has a small reserve air supply, typically good for 10-15 minutes.
  • 1 point - small drone rack - sufficient to launch/land a surveillance or recon drone.
  • 2 points - medium drone rack - sufficient to launch/land a hunter drone.
  • 1 point - smuggling compartment - hidden from sight and shielded from scanning. In most vehicles, big enough to hold a couple of rifles.
  • 1 point - off-grid modifications - extra fuel tanks / batteries, dual-fuel systems, off-road tyres, and other mods to enable use for extended periods in the wilderness.
  • 2 points - Valkyrie system - a full smart medbay built into a folding gurney mounted in the vehicle’s trunk, with facilities to provide first aid and stabilise badly wounded people. Needs to be the size of a large car or larger.
  • 2 points - small retractable turret - up to SMG sized weapon (does not come with the weapon).
  • 3 points - medium retractable turret - up to assault rifle sized weapon (does not come with the weapon).

Other mods available by negotiation ;)