New Edges

Added some new Edges, mostly adapted from Wiseguys:

  • Aggressive Driver
  • Escape Artist
  • Demolition Man
  • Getaway Driver
  • Friends in Low Places

First draft of some rules for physical adepts

I’ve written some very experimental rules for physical adepts, with quite a lot of changes over core Sprawlrunners / SWADE.

Houserules for running in SWADE

Some modified rules for running that allow melee-focused characters to cover more ground more quickly.

Add notes on how to use Furious Magic in Sprawlrunners

The new supplement Furious Magic has alternative spellcasting rules for Savage Worlds that don’t use Power Points but (IMO) improve on the stock rules for “No Power Points” casting in several ways. Here are some notes on how to use Furious Magic in Sprawlrunners.

Downtime rules rewritten/clarified

I reshuffled the downtime/wealth die/advancement rules into their own small section, and rewrote a few things to hopefully read more clearly. No rules changes though.


Added some kdraft rules for the Heat Die, a simple game mechanic for when the PCs are being actively hunted by forces much larger than themselves.


Added some suggestions (for discussion!) for advancement houserules that we might like to implement rather than considering character retirement when they become very powerful.


Added some more detailed houserules for using NPC contacts that move the game a little closer to those offered by Shadowrun.

Power trappings

Add a draft set of combat magic elemental effect trappings. These rules are only for discussion at this time and are not currently canon.

Also add insulative armour to Vehicle Mods. And clarify that weapon turret mods no longer come with free weapons (this aligns these rules with Foundry.)

Using Bennies to Influence The Story

Added some formal houserule ideas to describe how players can use Bennies during the game for flashbacks. Also condensed game mechanics for legwork and even whole heists using light modifications to SWADE’s Dramatic Tasks.

Reduce Mod God Edge requirements

Reduce the requirement on the Mod God edge from “Repair d10+” to “Repair d8+”. The latter was a bit too high for a secondary skill.

Guns & the Matrix

Add some setting notes clarifying what a “modern” firearm is, in the context of our campaign. Also defined rules for “throwback” guns - ones that have no on-board processing at all, so are unhackable and undetectable on the Matrix, but cost more to acquire and cannot use some accessories.

Streamline Matrix networks

  • Dropped PAN/s-PAN/WAN terminology. They’re all just “networks” now. No rules changes from this, it’s just a wording change.
  • Changed rule to allow sleaze Hacking versus a network being run by a cyberdeck or dronedeck. However, the owner of the ‘deck can oppose the Hacking roll with Notice; if they get a success, they realise the hack occurred.
  • Tiny change to Denial of Service attack modifiers; it’s now the same -2 if the target is in any kind of network, regardless of if that network is controlled by a commlink, cyberdeck, or host.
  • Changed tacnet rules. Dropped the “Bennie pool” they used to give, instead:
    • at start of combat, one character on the tacnet rolls a Battle test
    • Success grants an anti-Bennie
    • this can be used to force a re-roll on the opponent’s dice


Lots of changes to magic:


Tiny tweak to the languages and multi-lingual characters; now, “partial” command of the language gives you the language skill at a rating equal to your Smarts die. It used to be Smarts, minus one step. On reflection, the “minus one step” bit feels needlessly fiddly.

Human attributes

Change human racial traits to remove the “free extra Bennie” trait and replace it with “one free attribute starts at d6” trait instead. (I have stolen this from Savage Worlds Pathfinder, and it seems as reasonable a way to make humans at +4 racial bonus as any other option.)


Added some houserules and setting information for languages and multi-lingual characters.

The goal is try and keep some flavour of a multi-linguistic, multi-cultural urban sprawl, and encourage face characters to distinguish themsleves through language skills, while keeping the skill point cost to do so under control.

Matrix editing pass

Substantial edit pass through the matrix section. No big rules changes, just lots of rewording to use consistent terms and explain stuff better.

Cyberskull & torso

Added cybertorso & cyberskull to cyberware.

Summoning changes

Some streamlining to summoning

  • Drop concept of services, spirits just last some number of hours now
  • A raise on the summoning roll makes the spirit tougher instead of granting more services
  • Add a reminder to the page about the Power Preparation rule from core SWADE


  • Moved all cyberware/bioware/adept powers under a new Augmentations section.
  • Set out the difference between cyberware (bought with Implant Points) and Bioware (not bought with Implant Points; instead, acts as a trapping for pre-existing SWADE edges).
    • Edges that are available as bioware require a trapping ie. they cannot be taken by normal characters / mages.
  • Added the following pieces of bioware:
    • Adrenaline pump
    • Pain dampeners
    • Synaptic boosters
    • Bone density
    • Overclocked / hyperactive platelets
  • Buffed/clarified smartlinks.
  • Added improved vehicle control rig.
  • Added wired reflexes.

Remove skill specialisations

Remove skill specialisations from Sprawlrunners Skills.

New "long term project" downtime action

Added “long term project” to Downtime Actions. Also added a note about how to roll Savage Worlds dice in our Slack channel.

Added symmetric entropy pools

Added a new McGuffin/plot device that can be used to encypt Matrix comms: Symmetric Entropy Pools.

New "what's new" section

Moved “what’s new” to be a proper Hugo blog. Doesn’t mean much for the site, but I wanted to learn about how Hugo does this.

Updates – 13 Mar

  • Add some details about criminal SINs to SINs
  • Moved a lot of stuff around on the site; there should now be a three-way clean separation between Sprawlrunners rules, Shadowrun rules, and Setting information that is not system-specific
  • Moved Matrix setting info to setting/ section; now the Sprawlrunners section only has rules
  • Moved this What’s New? page to be a top-level site page
  • Moved all my old Shadowrun Matrix stuff to the archive section, as it’s no longer canon in our campaign and not under development any more

Updates – 26 Feb

Updates – 26 Jan

  • Clarify Hardening / Firewall stats for Matrix devices.

Updates – 19 Jan

Updates – 17 Jan

  • Small tweaks to downtime actions
    • Add a new overview page to the Matrix section
    • Reshuffle content in the magic section to a more logical breakdown

Updates – 16 Jan

  • Substantial overhal of Matrix section; added “combat decking” page, added actions list, moved a lot of existing content around to more logical places
  • Renamed “Occult” skill to “Arcana”. Added a new knowledge skill: Corps.
  • Add Etiquette and one of either Fighting or Shooting to core skills. (Character’s choice of which they get.)

Updates – 13 Jan

Sprawlrunners houserules stuff:

  • Move cyberware to the character section
  • Re-shuffle the ordering of the cyberware edges (it’s now Chromed -> Man and Machine -> Betaware -> More Machine Than Man -> Deltaware)
  • Remove Smarts requirement from wired reflexes; make move-by-wire require Veteran
  • Add grapple hand to cyberware