Streamline Matrix networks

  • Dropped PAN/s-PAN/WAN terminology. They’re all just “networks” now. No rules changes from this, it’s just a wording change.
  • Changed rule to allow sleaze Hacking versus a network being run by a cyberdeck or dronedeck. However, the owner of the ‘deck can oppose the Hacking roll with Notice; if they get a success, they realise the hack occurred.
  • Tiny change to Denial of Service attack modifiers; it’s now the same -2 if the target is in any kind of network, regardless of if that network is controlled by a commlink, cyberdeck, or host.
  • Changed tacnet rules. Dropped the “Bennie pool” they used to give, instead:
    • at start of combat, one character on the tacnet rolls a Battle test
    • Success grants an anti-Bennie
    • this can be used to force a re-roll on the opponent’s dice