All stuff related to the Shadowrun game system

Which edition of Shadowrun is right for me?

An attempt to answer an impossible question

Shadowrun houserules section

A master list of all my Shadowrun houserules and rule ideas


Design goals, summary of changes from RAW

Introduction to my Matrix houserules

Discussing what I am trying to achieve here

Simplified skills

Trim the number of skills back

Matrix basics

Matrix attributes, types of devices, commlinks

Concealing gear

Summoning and spirit rebalance

Rebalance spirits to make them less overwhelming in combat


Things to do between missions

Driving, chases, stunts, and crashes

Spotting icons & hiding on the Matrix

How to find things, and avoid being found

Access, getting it, and protecting against hacking

Foci rebalance

Nerf foci, but make them more flexible too

Contacts rules

How to know a guy who knows a guy

Matrix damage and how to fix it

Various kinds of Matrix damage, link-locking, biofeedback, etc

Reagents and trinkets

Change reagents to add a new option - trinkets

Direct Neural Interfaces (DNI)

What it does and how to get it

Matrix actions

A streamlined set of Matrix actions

Initiation and metamagic houserules

Cap initiation, cap max number of quickened spells, but make quickened spells more durable

The combat turn, initiative, and bonus actions

How to figure out who goes when and what they can get done


Decks, programs, agents

Hosts & devices

Hosts, common devices, and IC

Overwatch, GOD & convergence

All about the Grid’s po-po

Addiction rules

Drugs are bad, mmmkay

Physical actions

Actions done in meatspace

Electronics, commlinks, cyberdecks, etc


The next stage of human evolution

Matrix actions

Actions done in the matrix (for riggers & deckers)

Firearms accessories

Gun modifications and accessories


Magical actions

All magic-related actions (in meatspace or the astral)


Cyberware, bioware, and other augmentations

Common Matrix actions & how to do them

Short examples of common tasks for criminals

Interrupt actions

Acting defensively out of turn


Footnotes, miscellaneous stuff

Combat modifiers

An attempt at streamlining this ungainly beast

Stuff for Shadowrun GMs

Links, resources, and ideas for Shadowrun GMs

Getting started with Shadowrun

Tips and tricks for first-time tables

GMing links

Links for Shadowrun GMs

The Matrix re-fluff

An (incomplete) attempt to re-write the in-game Matrix to make more sense


Why I wrote this & what I hoped to achieve

Matrix fundamentals

The devices that make up the Matrix’s infrastructure

Interface modes

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Icons, spotting, and positioning

How your commlink decides what to show you and where to put it

SINs and SINners

The ins and outs of proving you are a member of society

Personal Area Networks (PANs)

How normal people protect their Matrix stuff


Your commlink as the keys to your life

Searching the Matrix

Finding stuff out

Code breakers and thief takers

How the Matrix works for criminals and those who hunt them

The Matrix & cyberware

How the Matrix interacts with cyberware and other gear


Bits and pieces

Using the SR 6e Matrix rules in SR 5e

Being a Matrix backport attempt, presented for your delight (doubtful) and utility (maybe)


What I’m trying to do

The houserules

How to use (most of) the 6e Matrix rules in 5e

Key differences between Matrix rules in SR5e to SR6e

Line-by-line comparison of the Matrix rulesets

Appendices & notes