Some sample weapons drawn from Shadowrun, statted for Sprawlrunners


These are intrinsic to the weapon when it is purchased. Below are some houseruled additions to the standard ones list in Sprawlrunners (pg 56):

  • Revolver: reduced shots (already reflected in statline). If it is a smartgun, character can load different ammo types in different cylinders, and choose which cylinders to fire for each attack via a mental command as a free action. Plus swinging the gate open to dump spent brass is extremely cool.
  • Heavy calibre: applies +1 AP, requires 1 more die type in Str. Costs +1LP.
  • Extended mag: +33% shots, +1LP, +2 to Notice due to the weapon’s awkward, bulky shape.


  • Smartgun (houserule version): subtracts 2 points of penalties from a Shooting role or adds 1 to the roll. (+1LP to weapon cost)

Cosmetic trappings

  • Imposing - oversized; bulky; threatening.
  • Blinged - made of mirror-polished chrome; colour-changing smartpaint; public AR broadcast of a killcount holo.
  • Sleek - matte black; no protrusions; militaristic and efficient.
  • Tacticool - thinks it is sleek but is actually covered in superfluous grips, accessory ports, flashlights, and other junk only valued by poseurs.
  • Sci-fi - weird shapes; modern smart materials; sculpted to look bio-organic; covered in neon lights.
  • Double-barrelled - has two barrels (shock).

Sample weapons

Holdout pistols

Stats Cost Notes
Ares Lightfire 70 Sleek
Streetline Special shots: 7, -4 Notice 2 LP Compact Frame
Walther Palm Pistol shots: 2, -4 Notice 2 LP Double-barrelled, Compact Frame. Can fire both barrels for +1 damage.

Light pistols

Stats Cost Notes
Colt America L36
Beretta 201T RoF:2 3 LP Machine pistol
Ares Lightfire 75 4 LP Silencer, internal smartlink, sleek
Fichetti Security 600 shots:20, +2 Notice 4 LP Extended mag, laser sight

Heavy Pistols

Stats Cost Notes
Ares Predator 4LP Integrated smartlink, imposing
Browning Ultra-Power 4LP Laser sight, sleek
Ruger Super Warhawk shots:6, AP2, minStr:d6 4LP Revolver, heavy calibre, extremely imposing
Colt Government 2066

Flechette Pistols

Stats Cost Notes
Fichette Tiffani Needler shots:4 4LP Compact Frame
Remington Roomsweeper
Remington Roomsweeper (slug) damage:2d8 4LP Reinforced Frame