Drone decks

draft! draft! draft!

This is a draft for discussion and consideration only; it is not currently canon for my campaign. It may or may not be playable as-is. It probaby hasn't been playtested.

Basic idea: similar to cyberdecks, but cheaper. Several tiers with different LP costs. Each tier can load a different number of modules. Required in order to Jump In to anything wirelessly. Provides good bonuses to drones.

Drone decks can:

  • form s-PANs
  • hide s-PANs on the Matrix
  • defend from cybercombat

Drone decks cannot:

  • hack things that do not have Autopilots

Module ideas:

  • Extended s-PAN range for drones only: 1km -> 10km
  • Stealth: can hide s-PAN
  • (maybe) Drone hacking: as Persuasion utility, but only works against drones (maybe: roll d8 with no wild die?)
  • Firewall: adds Firewall stat as per Fighting utility (2 + 1/2 Hacking), but does not allow other uses of Fighting ie hacking things.
  • Pilot: adds a wild die to drone autopilot piloting/driving/boating rolls
  • Gunnery: adds a wild die to drone Shooting rolls