Interrupt actions

Acting defensively out of turn

There are two different systems for interrupt actions here; one is the ones we are currently using. The other is a more radical system that uses Edge instead of changing initiative score. These are not currently in use.

Interrupt actions

These rules are currently canon for my campaign. Although they are a bit experimental…

Interrupt actions no longer change your initiative score by -5 or -10 when taken. Instead:

  • A character may save any number of actions unused from their phase
  • These may be used at any point before or during their next phase
  • They can save them to use defensively (eg Parry) or take an action later for tactical reasons
  • The deferred action cannot be held any longer than whenever their next phase is
  • If they are still holding a deferred action when their next phase arrives, they can use it as part of that phase
  • No character can take any defensive actions on the first combat turn before their first phase

Edge interrupt actions

These rules are not currently canon for my campaign. Although I plan for them to replace the rules above in time.