Matrix actions

Actions done in the matrix (for riggers & deckers)

All the vehicle actions listed below count as Matrix actions for any character using AR or VR, and thus can be done with a character’s bonus Matrix actions.

TODO(check CRB pg 202-203)

Matrix actions

The SR5 core rulebook has 37 normal actions plus 9 magic actions. It also has 42 Matrix actions. Kill Code adds another 11. This is too many. See my matrix houserules for a streamlined set.


  • Fire Mounted Weapon (when it’s an electronically controlled turret) (Complex)
  • Rigger Jump In (Complex)
  • Make Vehicle Test (for vehicle piloting actions eg. stunts, pursuits) (Complex)
  • Send Message (to command drones) (Simple)
    • By default, can command one drone; if the drones are connected to a PAN centered on an RCC the user can send the same command to multiple drones for a single Simple action.

When a rigger is jumped in, Control Vehicle becomes a Free Action ie. a rigger no longer needs to spend one Complex action per turn to stop the vehicle going uncontrolled. This is only true when jumped in, and jumped in continues to require VR.