Concealing gear

These rules are not yet canon for my current campaign.

Taking heavy inspiration from Blades in the Dark:

  • Before any scene, players declare a load level in terms of the table below.
  • During the scene, players may dynamically decide that they have brought an item of equipment, subject to limitations as set out below.
  • The second column is the penalty or bonus applied to a Perception check for anyone to notice your gear.
    • Note that someone noticing your gear isn’t automatically an issue, of course, it depends on context.
  • Wearing a lined coat or having a conceal holster at levels Medium or below imposes an extra -2.

The limitations:

  1. You may carry one piece of equipment at your declared level. For example, if your level is Medium, you can have a heavy pistol or a cyberdeck, but not both.
  2. You can carry two items of gear chosen from the level below your declared level. So if you declare Medium, and you declare that your heaviest item of kit was a heavy pistol, you might later decide you have two additional magazines for it, or one magazine and a low-rated medkit.
  3. You can carry four items chosen from the tier below that.

In theory I could keep doubling here, but I plan to handwave it away at some point. Don’t take the piss and declare that because you have a machine gun you also have 10,000 knives, or I will engineer the situation so you really wish you had a spoon.

Here’s some common items of gear grouped into load levels. Some GM moderation will be necessary to slot other items into this list as they come up.

Level Perception modifier Weapons & ammo drones Electronics and other gear
Always hidden micro drone RFID tag, bug, slap patch, credstick, chips
“Naked” -8 Hold-out pistol. Knife, sap. Revolver speedloader. Throwing knife, shuriken. Commlink, jammer, lockpicks, goggles
Light -4 Light pistol. Monowhip, collapsible baton. Magazine. Microgrenade. mini drone medkit (R1-2)
Medium 0 Heavy pistol, machine pistol (stock folded). Club. Extended mag. Grenade, flashpak. Cyberdeck, RCC
Heavy +4 SMG, sawn-off shotgun (stock folded). Sword. Ammo belt/drum. small drone medkit (R3-4)
Loaded for bears +8 Sport / assault rifles, shotgun, grenade launcher, crossbow. Katana.
Loaded for dragons Always spotted Sniper rifle, machine gun, rocket launcher. Claymore, staff. Bow. medium drone medkit (R5+), metahuman body